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Spend time choosing the most important symbol of your day

Though it could be considered the most
significant purchase for your wedding
day, many couples leave buying
wedding bands until the very end of their
planning, and don’t always give this all important
purchase the careful consideration it
deserves. Not just a symbol of the vows you’re
about to take, you’ll wear this extra-special
piece every day for the rest of your life.

For the bride, a wedding band can be a
tricky purchase as it needs to sit alongside
her engagement ring – ideally, the band will
complement, not overpower, the design. You
may even want to consider two bands that will
sit on either side of your engagement ring, then
purchase one for the wedding ceremony and
save the second to celebrate your first
anniversary or the birth of your first child.

When it comes to the groom, choosing
a wedding band is often uncharted territory. For
many guys, it’s the first time they’ve really worn
jewellery, let alone a ring – and every day!

Some grooms may prefer a ring solely for
the ceremony, or just a simple band that they
can wear on weekends or at night, depending
on their job and if they work with their hands.
Needless to say, if he’s not likely to be wearing
his wedding ring day in, day out, then there’s no
need to spend a fortune – a simple, 9kt gold
band will suffice.


> A wedding ring is the symbol of your
love and marriage vows, so it should
make you feel special whenever you look
at it. Choose quality craftsmanship and
design over price.

> Have a look at designs in magazines and
on websites, then purchase your ring
from a jeweller with a good reputation,
who belongs to the Jewellery Association
of Australia or ask a Cairo wedding consultant

> It must be comfortable, and the right
size. Keep in mind how your engagement
ring feels during temperature changes or
if you’re washing your hands. Make sure
your groom also understands how much
the size of your fingers varies throughout
the year, and even the day.

> Jewellers often get a rush order from
couples who have forgotten to order
their wedding rings. This can lead to
disappointment as they may have to
choose a design that is readily available,
rather than one they really want. Order
your rings at least three months before
the wedding day – this allows for
delivery and ensures there’s time for any
unforeseen alterations.

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