Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bridal Beauty Countdown

Here’s your timeline guide to looking fabulous on the big day from wedding planner egypt

six months out
Get your hair in peak condition and
decide on the style – will it be up or
down? Make an appointment with your
hairdresser to discuss your options, such
as having extensions instead of growing
your hair, and the best products to use.
If your budget allows, start having a
monthly facial, and consult a beauty
therapist about any skin problems you’d
like to address (e.g. pigmentation, fine
lines, scarring, acne). Establish a good
skin-care routine: five minutes morning
and evening, devoted to cleansing, toning,
moisturising and protection, plus weekly
exfoliating and a tightening face mask will
help promote radiant, clear skin.

Pay more attention to your nutrition.
Not eating properly or consuming too
much caffeine or alcohol can play havoc
with your health, nerves and skin. Make
sure your diet is well balanced, with
plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and
minimal processed foods. Try to increase
your water intake.

Start exercising, if you don’t already.
A few sessions with a trainer will get
your routine sorted. If you’re not into
gyms, try walking, swimming or yoga.
Regular exercise won’t just speed up
your metabolism, and help you burn
fat faster, it will also boost your energy
levels and your sense of well-being.

three months before
Book a makeup artist/hairdresser for
yourself, your bridesmaids and mothers,
so you can achieve a total wedding-party
look. Bring along pictures of makeup
looks you like.
How are your nails looking? Start a
weekly manicure routine, and organise a
professional manicure closer to the day.
Do you want a sun-kissed glow for your
wedding and honeymoon? Practise with
tanning products or book in a professional
spray tan.
See a brow specialist. You’ll need time to
sculpt virgin brows or grow back sparse
spots. Book shapings every four to six
weeks leading up to the wedding.

one month before
Get your final haircut or trim, and remind
your fiancé and wedding party to do the
same. If you’re going to colour your hair,
do it now to ensure you are happy.
Trial your hair and makeup look, taking
your veil and hair accessories, plus a
photo or illustration to show the style
of the gown, and discuss the effect you
want to achieve. If you aren’t happy,
ask for another trial, or find someone
new. Now is the time to purchase any
cosmetics you need.
For a sparkling smile, cut down
on tea, coffee and red wine, and use
whitening toothpaste. Have your teeth
professionally whitened if need be.

one week before
Fair eyelashes could be tinted or false
eyelashes applied, and for ultra-smooth
skin, book in a wax.
For ultimate relaxation, splurge on an
aromatherapy massage, or exfoliate,
massage and moisture your skin at home.
Your skin will look its best two or three
days after this.
Give yourself some quiet time; increase
the water you drink, get lots of fresh air
and plenty of sleep.

Indulge in a professional manicure and
pedicure with your bridesmaids.
Drink a cup of chamomile tea and take
a long bath (add a few drops of lavender
oil to the water or put some on your
pillow) to help you relax and sleep.
Pack a touch-up kit, containing a small
compact, lipstick, perfume and comb,
and give it to your chief bridesmaid.
Wash your hair as most hairdressers
prefer to work with day-old hair.
the wedding day
Begin your day with five minutes of
stretches, slowly inhaling and exhaling.
Then go for a brisk 10-minute walk.
This is an excellent way to calm the
nerves and give yourself a healthy glow,
by getting your blood pumping.
Layer your fragrance – if it has a bath
range, use the body wash in the shower
then follow with the moisturiser. Finally,
spray the fragrance into the air in front
of you and step into the spray – you’ll
smell fabulous and the fragrance will
last all day.

Enjoy a light but nourishing breakfast,
then sit and relax for a few minutes as
you think about the day ahead.
If you can, get your makeup artist/
hairdresser to come to your home, and
allow at least two hours for getting
ready. Remember to wear a robe or
button-down shirt. Once the makeup
is applied, try to keep cool as heat can
easily flush the skin.
As you’re about to leave, apply your
perfume to the pulses, especially behind
the ears.

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