Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Post Wedding Plans

If you’re taking your honeymoon abroad, travel
insurance is essential. While policies vary, a good
one should cover medical and health, theft, loss
or damage of possessions, cancellation or
cutting the trip short, personal accidents and
terrorism. Be sure to read the fine print,
especially if you’re planning any activities like
diving or jet skiing, which are commonly
excluded from standard policies even if you have hire a professional wedding consultant 

If your plans include domestic travel within the
country you are visiting then it pays to know your
baggage limitations, or risk costly charges.
International baggage limits can be much greater
than domestic. Ask your travel agent to advise
allowances for all flights on the itinerary, or check
the airline’s website before departing.

To ensure you get the most bang for your buck,
be aware of commission fees and avoid
converting currency at the airport. Instead, be
organised, watch the rate over a few months
and change money when the Aussie dollar is
hot. Banks and Australia Post – which doesn’t
add commission – generally offer the best rate,
usually within two cents of wholesale rate, which
is the one you see and hear in the news.

Out of date or near-expired passports can mess
with the best-laid holiday plans. Before you do
anything, check that both your passports have
at least one year’s validity on them at the time of
departure. If not, leave enough time for renewal
and also ensure that the name on your passport
matches the name used on all of your travel
documents. If your passport is in your maiden
name, then all your airline tickets, itinerary and
necessary visas should be, too.
Visas are another thing to consider when
travelling overseas. While many countries don’t

In the excitement of planning the ultimate escape, it’s easy to overlook the
practicalities. Before you head off, be sure to consider the following...
require you to have a visa for a stay of 90 days
or less, some, like the USA, will require each
person to submit an Electronic System for
Travel Authorisation (ESTA) at least 72 hours
prior to travel (It can all be done online at
esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta and costs $15 per
person). It’s also a good idea to ask your travel
agent about visas when you book.

How much time you can get off work will play a
big part in choosing your honeymoon
destination. If your dream honeymoon is to
drive around Europe, but you can only get two
weeks off work, then you might want to
reconsider the idea. If you’re heading overseas
for your honeymoon, remember to factor in
days lost in transit, as well as a few days to
recover from jet-lag before heading back to
work. Another idea is to have a mini-moon just
after the wedding and plan for a big trip later in
the year when you can take more time off and
save up a bit more spending money.

Honeymoons don’t come cheap, but there are
great ways to save that make it a bit more
friendly on the hip pocket and leave you with
more money to play with. Signing up to
newsletters from airlines and travel companies is
a great way to nab early bird deals on flights,
and learn about package deals. Remember to
tell them it’s for your honeymoon as they might
throw in extras, like a couple’s massage, or
champagne and chocolates on arrival at your
hotel. Another fun idea is to start a
honeymoon piggy bank where you both throw
all your loose change and spare cash in the lead
up to your honeymoon. Count it up before you
go and make a point of spending it on
something indulgent – like splashing out on an
expensive dinner, or an activity you’ll both enjoy.
Start the piggy bank at least six months out
and you’ll be surprised by just how much
you can save!

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