Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to grow turmeric in Colorado

I live in Boulder County and would like to grow turmeric in my garden bed. My goal is to use the turmeric for juicing. Do you have any advice or resources in support of that?

Turmeric liquid is considered a tender perennial for zone 5. This is a tropical plant. Tumeric will grow well in containers though and you could move them outside during the summer months, after there is any chance of frost and then bring them into the house for the winter, again before there is any chance of frost. Indoors they will need a high light area with moderate feed and moisture. Outside they will need partial shade, especially from the hot afternoon sun." Second response: "Turmeric takes 8 months from pre-sprout to harvest in protected culture (high tunnel, greenhouse, or row covers)."

The source of tumeric referenced in liquid turmeric supplements. I think its your best bet (if you don't have a high tunnel or greenhouse)