Monday, December 12, 2016


Prior to graduating from college, Trump began his real estate career at his father's company,[36] Elizabeth Trump and Son,[37] which focused on middle-class rental housing in the New York City boroughs of BrooklynQueens, and Staten Island. During his undergraduate study, Donald Trump and his father, Fred Trump, used a $500,000 investment to successfully reopen the foreclosed Swifton Village apartment complex in Cincinnati, Ohio.[38]

After being promoted to president of the company in the early 1970s (while his father became chairman of the board), he renamed it to The Trump Organization.[39][40] In 1973, he and his father drew wider attention when the Justice Department contended that the organization systematically discriminated against black and African Americans wishing to rent apartments, rather than merely screening out people based on low income as the Trumps stated. An agreement was later signed in which the Trumps made no admission of wrongdoing, and under which qualified minority applicants would be presented by the Urban League.[41][42]

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